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Department of Pediatric Surgery and Anesthesiology

The department provides pediatric surgical services in almost all pediatric surgical conditions and includes general surgery, neonatal surgery, urology, orthopedics, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery and Burns, Minimally invasive surgery including laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, selective neurosurgery, endoscopic procedures etc.

The main theatre complex has four fully equipped ORs with state of art anesthesia machines and monitoring system. It has central AC plant with HEPA air filtration system. Central ducting and excellent CSD facilities are provided. Seamless flooring is also provided to minimize infections. Latest endoscopic equipment and OR lights are added recently. There is a Separate OR for endoscopic procedures. In addition one fully equipped theatre is provided with burns unit. Emergency operation theatre has three ORs. It has an attached Day care surgery


Surgical Unit A

Pediatric Surgical Unit A is 45 beds unit with separate Surgical ICU equipped with monitoring facility. The unit runs outpatient days on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Surgery is performed on alternate days. It runs Pediatric Orthopedics Clinic on Tuesday and Thursday.


Surgical Unit B

Pediatric Surgical Unit B is one of the oldest units of NICH. It is a 35 beds unit. It has an attached Intensive Therapy Unit (ITU) with 15 beds, including 4 incubators and 4 cots. The unit has three outpatient days in a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). On alternate days operations are performed. Plastic surgical clinic is being run on Monday and Wednesday and Urology clinic on Friday.

Burns Unit

The Burns unit at NICH is the only facility in public sector hospitals of the Province of Sindh that caters for pediatric burns. It was started in early 80s as a 4 bed facility and was initially housed in Surgical unit B. Its new location is an example of public private partnership as it has been built by Rotary continental. It now has a capacity of 20 beds, 10 each for acute and chronic burns. It has its own operation theatre where most of the surgical procedures related to burn injuries are performed.


Anesthesiology Services

Round the clock anesthesia services are provided by a trained team, expert in dealing with pediatric diseases. It also provides anesthesia services for short procedures performed by radiology and pediatric departments as well. The team is also the part of surgical intensive care in running ventilators.