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Training Programs

Apart from acting as tertiary care hospital it is a teaching/training institute and plays a major role in producing medical student, doctors, Nurse Technicians etc.

Community Pediatric training is an important aspect of the curriculum. We are also involved with all the child survival activities including out-reach activity which is important for teaching community pediatrics.

The following degree and diploma courses are conducted:

Pediatric Medicine and Pediatric Surgery 4 years.
Post Fellowship in Pediatric Nephrology 2 years.

Pediatric medicine.
Undergraduate nursing program.
One Year Pediatric Technician course.
One Year Laboratory Technician course.
One Year X-Ray Technician course.
One Year Operation Theater Technician course.
One Year Oncology Technician course.
One Year Nurse Aid course.
One Year Pediatric Dialysis Technician Course.