About College of Nursing

College of Nursing

Introduction to School of Nursing

SCHOOL OF NURSING is a part of National Institute of Child Health Karachi and it was established under the Prime Minister’s Karachi Package in 1999.

SCHOOL OF NURSING, NICH provides training to nurses according to international standards of education to develop practitioners, educators, managers, leaders, researchers and policy makers to deal with the demands of complex and dynamic health care system.

In 2017, the School of Nursing was upgraded to the post Basic Specialization and in 2019 to degree level of education.

Clinical affiliation is with NICH, JPMC & NICVD Karachi

All education and training at the School of Nursing NICH is provided Free Of Cost

Our Philosophy

School of Nursing, NICH strives for the personal and professional growth of students, and believe in the concept of clinical competence and excellence in education, holistic care, professionalism, evidence based practice and lifelong learning.

We believe that, nursing is a dynamic profession that is scientifically based and is influenced by advances and innovations in science and technology as well as the emerging trends in society and health care delivery system.

We accept the fact of having a responsibility to the students and to the society to make provision in the program for the continued development of the student as an individual and citizen as well as an efficient nurse.

Our Vision

The School of Nursing, NICH will be a Public, National institution of distinction, providing education in innovative and enduring ways in the field of nursing at Degree and Post Basic Specializations level in Pakistan and will become a leading globally recognized Centre of Excellence and innovation in the field of Nursing Education.

Our Mission

To attain international excellence and innovation in Nursing Education and to produce highly skilled and specialized Nursing workforce with a view to foster humans’ health in our country and disseminate contemporary knowledge in all sub-disciplines of nursing as in medicine,  surgery etc.

The School of Nursing, NICH is committed to enhance the capacities and capabilities of human beings through provision of state of the art nursing education and to prepare qualitative, constructive, innovative, devoted and roll model nurses to lead the health care system in Pakistan in patient care, education, research and policies making to save the lives of human.

Our Objectives

  • To provide high quality education in nursing comparable to the international standards, to educate and prepare skillful nurses who should be able to provide competent and therapeutic care to patients.
  • To prepare nurses to utilize the advanced technology in providing high quality health care by conducting nursing research and applying the findings from research.
  • To promote academic excellence through evidence based learning and problem solving approaches, to improve overall quality of bedside nursing care in Pakistan.
  • To utilize appropriate teaching learning strategies for prevention of illness and promotion and restoration of health of individuals, families and community.
  • To develop sense of respect towards human life and its right from the moment of conception till natural end regardless of caste, religion, race, color, sex, intelligence or economic status.
  • Creating professionally competent nurses with high standards of skills philanthropic spirit and making to the work among the downtrodden Communities.
  • To develop and promote integrity, ethical conduct and standard in the practice of nursing.

Our Affiliation And Recognition

  • School of Nursing, NICH is registered and recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC), Islamabad for various Degree and Diploma Nursing Programs.
  • This School is affiliated with Jinnah Sindh Medical University (JSMU) Karachi, and Sindh Nurses Examination Board (SNEB), Karachi.