In this College, there are offices dedicated to the Principal and Faculty Members:

  1. These offices are accessible to provide assistance to students and their parents or guardians.
  2. They address health emergencies and handle various issues that students may encounter.
  3. They are responsible for the enforcement and upkeep of the rules and regulations.



The College of Nursing, NICH boasts spacious, air-conditioned, and well-ventilated classrooms with adequate lighting, all of which meet the standards set by the Health Department of the Government of Sindh, PNC, and JSMU.

All classrooms are furnished with comfortable seating and equipped with audio-visual amenities such as automated multimedia systems, overhead projectors, state-of-the-art sound systems, computers with internet access, display boards, and lockers.

Furthermore, these classrooms are secure and monitored by security guards, automated security systems, a central CCTV control system, and safety measures like fire extinguishers and various evacuation protocols.

Most of the faculty members are highly qualified subject specialists with extensive training and experience. They provide individual attention and support to their students.

These attributes create an environment conducive to learning, fostering positive interactions between students and teachers, ultimately enhancing the overall learning experience for the students.

Introduction to Library of College of Nursing, NICH

The main library of this college covers an area of 650 square feet and can comfortably accommodate 40 seats. Our library provides a quiet and secure environment that encourages individuals to think, understand, and acquire knowledge through reading books. The college library houses a substantial collection of books on nursing subjects and journals, which are invaluable for staying updated. Specific hours are designated for maximum library utilization.

We ensure that the resources available are pertinent and address the concerns of the ever-changing scenarios in the field. The library offers a substantial number of text and reference books, along with access to a digital library. Students have the opportunity to borrow books and other learning materials from the library and can utilize the library space for studying.

Introduction to Science Lab College of Nursing, NICH:

  1. Theoretical knowledge is imparted in classrooms, while experimental knowledge is gained in well-equipped laboratories. As a result, our college features a spacious, state-of-the-art science lab located on the institute’s premises.
  2. This laboratory is fully furnished with modern instruments, including microscopes, analyzers, a centrifuge machine, a burner, a glucometer, and more.
  3. The lab is under the supervision of qualified, experienced subject specialists.
  4. It serves as a practical resource for students, enabling them to learn and comprehend scientific concepts and principles that they study in their theoretical classes.
  5. Students conduct experiments in this lab, providing them with hands-on experience and further developing their cognitive abilities.
  6. The lab offers controlled conditions for nursing students to conduct scientific, technological experiments, and measurements.

Introduction to Anatomy Lab of College of Nursing, NICH

  1. This lab primarily serves to facilitate the learning of challenging subjects such as Anatomy & Physiology.
  2. It is well-equipped with resources such as human skeletons, cadavers, 3D models, charts, and various equipment.
  3. The lab provides access to the latest CDs, allowing students to delve deeper into the details of Anatomy & Physiology.
  4. It is operated under the supervision of qualified, experienced subject specialists.

Introduction to Skills and Demonstration Lab of College of Nursing, NICH

  1. This state-of-the-art lab is situated within the college premises and is overseen by qualified, experienced subject specialists.
  2. The skill laboratory plays a vital role in enabling Nursing Students to stay updated on the latest technological advancements and changes that occur in the medical, nursing, and healthcare professions.
  3. Within our Institute, we have established a skill lab that incorporates newly developed equipment. Our lab is organized into various stations, including Equipment and Instruments, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Manikin, gynecological model, Crash Cart, Trolley, and an advanced manikin capable of simulating over 15 Nursing Procedures, such as Ryle’s Tube Insertion, Feeding, Stoma Care, Jejunostomy Feeding, Cauterization, Enema, Bedsore Dressing with Various Stages, Injection Sites, etc. Additionally, the lab is equipped with a Newborn unit featuring Photo-therapy, incubators capabilities, a Labor manikin with a labor Table, an I.V. Injection arm with an Intravenous line, and a Blood transfusion set.
  4. Before students perform procedures on human beings, they utilize the advanced skill lab for practice, which helps them attain proficiency and confidence.
  5. This laboratory is primarily designed to develop skills in providing advanced and basic nursing care to patients, including meeting personal hygiene needs and elementary needs, as well as practicing nursing procedures.
  6. The lab features highly advanced mannequins and equipment with special features tailored for learning basic nursing procedures. It includes special beds such as fully fowler beds, partial fowler beds, and adult beds.
  7. Special beds, including fully adjustable Fowler beds, semi-Fowler beds, and standard adult beds, are also available in the lab.

Introduction to computer Lab of College of Nursing, NICH

  1. The college features an air-conditioned computer lab equipped with a sufficient number of the latest computers.
  2. These computers are connected to the internet and equipped with printer facilities, which are accessible to all learners.
  3. The computer classroom is furnished with a multimedia projector, enabling teachers to deliver their lectures effectively.
  4. The computer labs are fully furnished with systems and the latest software, providing an environment that allows students to stay updated with the latest computer knowledge and practice.
  5. The college’s computer labs are capable of conducting various types of computer practical exercises, facilitating online registration, email communication, software sharing, and much more.
  6. This lab is operated under the supervision of qualified, experienced subject specialists who ensure that students are kept up to date with the current trends and technologies in nursing.


  1. The auditorium at the College of Nursing, NICH, is spacious, well-ventilated, well-furnished, and modernly designed with the latest amenities.
  2. It is equipped with a professionally deployed sound system and can accommodate approximately 300 people, ensuring security through a central security system.
  3. This auditorium serves as a suitable and regular venue for conferences and various academic programs, including symposiums, workshops, and seminars. It takes great pride in having hosted numerous national and international-level events.
  4. The auditorium is fully equipped with facilities that contribute to the enhancement of the learning process, all aimed at improving the quality of education.
  5. It is furnished with amenities such as LCD projectors, multimedia screens, computers, and internet access, which are utilized for delivering lectures.
  6. The auditorium offers ample opportunities for our staff and students to showcase their talents in various activities.


  1. A beautiful Jamia Masjid is available on the premises of this institute for students and faculty, and it remains open for prayer.
  2. A dedicated space for prayer is available on the premises of this college for females, and it remains open for prayer.


A Notice Board is available for information


Please check the website, Facebook, and notice board of this institute for updated announcements and guidelines regularly.


The College of Nursing, NICH, organizes multiple training sessions in various areas. Please check the website, Facebook, and notice board of this institute for updated information about these training programs and sessions.


The College of Nursing, NICH, conducts multiple symposiums, workshops, and seminars in various areas. Please check the website and Facebook of this institute for updated information regarding these sessions.